Inter wants to stay with Rafinha ... for less money

Rafinha Alcántara, loaned by Barcelona to Inter Milan with a purchase option valued at 35 million euros, could tie his future to the Italian club although he did not finally win a place in the Champions League, as specified in the contract signed between the two clubs. Inter, fourth in Serie A and fighting for a place to play the next edition of the maximum continental competition, intends to renegotiate with Barça the conditions agreed in January and to specify a new scenario, for which he would stay with Rafinha but for a lower price than initially agreed, separating that new entente from the end of the season.

The Barca club does not have the player for the next season and although he would be more inclined to maintain the agreement in view of the possibilities interista to finish the Italian League among the top four classified, would not close the door to a new negotiation, as long as Inter offers an amount that should not be below 30 million euros.Take a look at tennis picks with some of the highest odds on the market.

Another of the ceded that do not fall under the plans of Valverde or the sporting direction of Barca is Douglas, Brazilian side signed in the summer of 2014 to Sao Paulo for 4 million euros and whose fiasco has been absolute. Incorporated according to the opinion of Luis Enrique, Douglas just played 8 games in two seasons before being transferred to Sporting de Gijón, where last season had a continuity that has disappeared absolutely this course in Benfica, to the point that the club Portuguese pretended, without luck, to return it during the winter market.

Douglas, who has one more year of contract with Barça, will return to the Camp Nou at the end of the season knowing that the Barca club should look for a way out, either in the form of a new assignment or, what Barcelona intends, with a rescission that should negotiate, something to which the player, at the beginning, is opposite.